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Video Content Tips for Business

After spending over three decades in the video production business, I’m like the Farmer’s Insurance spokesman…“We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.”

I’m writing this post in bullet point form for quick and easy understanding by small business folks who would like to have a video on their web site, in their salespeople’s hands and/or on YouTube to help boost their business potential and enhance their web site’s SEO.

Research has shown that having a video on your web site benefits your business in many ways. Rob Toledo, a user engagement and bounce rate specialist at Shutterstock, says:

“No longer just an interesting add-on, video has become an important feature for anyone concerned with SEO, conversion rates, or brand recognition. That’s pretty much everyone, then.

So how exactly does video marketing affect your site’s SEO, and how can you use it in your content marketing strategy? Below are four key SEO metrics, and some best practices for using video to climb the search engine rankings:

  • Improved SERP rank

  • Higher CTR

  • Lower bounce rates

  • Quality backlinks

Videos Rank in SERP’s Ranking on the Google’s first page is an SEO’s top priority, so it is difficult to ignore the Forrester study that says “pages with video are 53x more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results.” Google SERP’s prioritize video results.

Why is video marketing 53x more likely to rank than plain text content? There are a number of factors that influence ranking, but a big one is the Google search algorithm – Hummingbird – which prizes “quality content” over keyword optimization.”

In this post, I’ll bullet point a few of the topics that are of prime importance to keep in mind when developing and producing a video for your company.

Hire A Professional –

With the advent of mobile device video, many business owners believe they can produce their own video.With rare exceptions, they cannot.Successful business owners are top notch when it comes to their individual businesses.They are NOT video content production specialists.So, hire a professional to collaborate with you, conceive, write and produce your video.

Let the Professionals Do Their Job –

You are spending your hard-earned money for a content company to deliver professional results.Step back and let them do their job.Naturally, with all professional content providers, you will have the final right of approval in any number of steps along the way.With your initial guidance, let them do what you have hired them to do.

Stay On Your Business Strategy –

If you are a successful small business owner, you have a strategy in place for marketing your company.Under no circumstances should you let your video content stray from that strategy.It should reinforce your strategy and make it stronger.

Get A Fixed Bid –

After the initial meeting(s) to develop strategy, approach, format, scope and other details, you should receive a fixed bid from your content provider.This fixed amount should be an absolute “not to exceed” number.If you are working with professionals, they will have no problem providing you with a fixed bid for your project.

Own Your Content –

Make certain that you own the content and all the footage shot for your video including the final product.This is a must to avoid any backend up charges for use of the footage and it will be the start of your own video content library/archive.This archive will benefit you in future productions.The footage can be used for all manner of new video initiatives that you might need.Get all of your footage on an external hard drive and store it in a temperature controlled environment.

I hope this advice will help you in creating effective and cost efficient video content for your company.Of course, we have only touched on some of the most important areas.There is much more to watch out for. In future posts I’ll be featuring topics like Talent Payments, Music and EFX Rights/Approvals and Selecting a Voice Over Performer, to name just a few.

At Apollo Films, we are devoted to working as a partner with our clients to utilize their funds in the most effective way possible.If you would like more information about video content, strategy development and/or SEO maximization, please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

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