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Narrative Short Films...A Strategic Way to Brand

On NUMEROUS occasions, far too many to count, I’ve been asked why I like making short films since “they will never make any money.” I had a film festival judge tell me, “There is no money in short films.” Yet, I love making short films and want to continue to do so. I love it when someone tells me something can’t be done because, guess what, I want to prove them wrong, especially when I believe it CAN be done.

I’ve focused my attention and energy on crafting short films, so I can see what works, and what doesn’t work. And they have won multiple awards, so I believe I’m onto something. According to an article published in Forbes by Chris Canialosi, “Leadership storytellingthrough strategic narratives allows company leaders to bring their personal stories into the equation to ensure messages hit home with others. When stakeholders can relate to you on a personal level, they will be more sympathetic and accepting toward change.”

Communicating not only company driven messaging to employees and stakeholders, strategic narrative storytelling can be used to communicate to potential and existing customers/consumers about the value of the company and its product offerings. Short films can fill the role of driving value driven messages without being hard-hitting and in the customer’s face. They can be comedic or dramatic. The purpose is to get the viewer, the potential customer, to engage with the product offering without feeling like they’re being “sold.” When presented in a considerate, inclusive and engaging way, consumers begin to identify with the product or service the company is offering. They begin to relate to “The Brand”.

One other thing to think about when building a strategy-driven narrative story campaign is to consider episodic storytelling. Look at how many feature films have sequels. And no one is a stranger to episodic Television. When the story comes to a grand finale, but, yet we want more, there are the trinity of prequels to fulfill our appetites. Episodic long-form commercials, or short stories, can give consumers something to look forward to when they buy into a company’s story.

We all love to hear stories. Go to any networking event or party and almost all conversations include a story. We’ve been listening to stories since we were little children. Stories, if told right, will drive home a point, or sell a product or service in a nonthreatening way.

My goal in narrative storytelling is to get people to think, feel or believe something different, or at the very least look at the way they currently think, feel or believe and wonder if there is alternative viewpoint to be considered.

I want to touch the hearts and minds of those viewing my stories. I make films that make a difference….films that matter. And, I love what I do.


Cathrine Hatcher is a new member of the Apollo Films team. She has made short films that focus on social importance and change. Throughout her career, she has received critical acclaim. Her collaborative spirit and grasp of narrative storytelling has resulted in numerous film festival awards and honors. You can see her work at

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