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Saving the American Mustang

Recently, I had the pleasure of traveling to Utah and Nevada to capture wild mustangs in their natural habitat. This was an experiential film project for the Mustang Heritage Foundation that included 3 traditional videos and 1 Virtual Reality video. The VR video is part of an exhibition housed in a converted horse trailer that travels the country to teach people about the efforts to sustain the wild mustang population in the US.

The Mustang Heritage Foundation is a public, charitable non-profit organization that works in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management. Their mission is to create and promote programs and activities that provide information and education about wild horses, elevate their image and desirability plus secure caring homes for the mustangs.

The VR video is an essential component that places the viewer into the horses' natural environment. Through the use of 360-degree virtual reality video, we were able to transport the viewer and place them in the middle of the wilderness among these beautiful horses. It has been a truly moving experience for the horse lovers who have viewed the film. And, it was a labor of love for me and the crew.

To learn more about wild mustangs and how you could even adopt one, visit

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