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VR Is The Buzzword

VR is the buzzword of the moment in advertising and business communications. But how can a business effectively use VR?

VR is a truly immersive medium that can bring your message to your audience in a new and more powerful way. By utilizing a 360-degree frame, you are now putting the viewer in control of where they look, allowing them to customize their own viewing experience. This instantly causes the viewer to be more engaged in your video. Instead of just passively watching, they are actively involved in creating their own experience.

Because of this interactivity, it’s extremely important to give the viewer more than they could get by watching traditional video. You really have to ask yourself “Why VR” before beginning any sort of Virtual Reality Experience. Sometimes the answer is so that you can place your viewer in a world that doesn’t currently exist. Other times the answer may be to allow your viewer to discover things at their own pace.

Whatever your reason, you must make sure that your viewer has a satisfying first-viewing experience and that there’s something new for them to learn on subsequent viewings.

One particular application where VR is a hugely powerful tool is tourism. Whether previewing a vacation destination or allowing a corporate board the chance to visit some company’s far-off factory, VR is the only way to put them there!

Another highly effective use of VR is in training. The cost to travel someone out to a remote location or dangerous location can be cut dramatically by employing a VR simulation of the environment where they will eventually work. This can be achieved with animation or 360-degree video of the actual location.

Virtual Reality can be delivered as easily as traditional video thanks to 360-degree viewers from Facebook and YouTube which allow you to upload content directly to their servers. For a more intimate experience, you can deliver your 360 content via head-mounted display (HMD) like the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, or Playstation VR. With many more headset makers getting into the space, our HMD viewing options should grow tremendously in the next year or so.

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